Library Use Policies


All potential users of the Library are required to register in the Library in order to qualify to use its resources. Non members of the University and other members of its immediate community, researchers and professionals from other institutions may be allowed to use the Library, for reference purposes only. This is with the permission of the University Librarian, or Branch Librarian in consultation with the University Librarian. Upon registration, users are issued readers Ticket which serves as the passport to use the Library or borrow books.

The following categories of people are eligible to use the library for borrowing and reference purposes.

  1. The visitor to the University
  2. Members of the Governing Council of the University
  3. Principal Officers of the University
  4. Trustees of the University’s Development Foundation
  5. Members of the OOU Library Advisory Council  
  6. Members of the Academic Staff, and Senior Members of the Administrative and Technical Staff.
  7. All ‘bonafide’ Full-Time students of the University (undergraduates and Postgraduate students).
  8. Students on Sandwich programme and other part time students of the University.
  9. Junior staff of the University, on the recommendation of their Heads of Departments, with special permission of the University Librarian acting through the Readers’ Services Librarian.
  10. Pre-degree, Degree Foundation Programmes students

(a) The following may use the library for reference purpose only:

In b. (2-4) permission must be granted by the University Librarian to whom application must be made in writing.

  1. Alumni of the University.
  2. Certified Students of other Institutions of Higher Learning on recommendation from their perspective Libraries.
  3. Visiting Researchers.
  4. Professional and others in the community.
  5. Spouses and children of staff above the age of 14.

For category b(6), it would be an advantage to have their application endorsed by senior members of the University who are themselves registered users of the Library.


  1. All Library users with or without borrowing privileges, must  be registered on prescribed forms before they can make use of the library.
  2. For members of the University, University identity cards and/or letters of introduction from Heads of Department are required for Registration.
  3. For all categories of students, official receipts of all payments to the University must be presented and authenticated during Registration. In addition, 2 passport photographs must be produced.


  1. At the time of registration, each library user is issued with a readers’ ticket.
  2. The readers’ ticket must be produced on entering the library. It is also required for making loan transactions.
  3. Readers’ tickets are not transferable. Readers are, therefore, liable for all transactions made on their tickets.
  4. Readers’ tickets are renewable annually at the cost of N100 only.
  5. Lost or missing ticket must be reported immediately at the Circulation Desk. Cost of replacement is N500.00 (Five Hundred Naira Only)


  • (i) Materials Available for Loan:  Most Library materials are on open access and available for loan except: 
    • (a) Reference materials 
    • (b) Reserved materials 
    • (c) Loan from other libraries 
    • (d) Journals 
    • (e) Closed-access materials such as private papers, manuscripts, thesis, and dissertation etc. 
  • (ii) Condition of Loans:  Loans are made on the strict understanding that: 
    • (a) They must be returned immediately on demand by the Library 
    • (b) They must not be taken out of Nigeria, without a special permission from the University Librarian. 
    • (c) They are subject to scrutiny at the Security Check points. 
    • (d) No book may be marked, defaced, mutilated or damaged in any way as defaulters will be penalized according to the severity of the offence. 
    • (e) Borrowers are held responsible for books in their custody. Lost or missing books must be reported immediately. Borrowers will be required to replace or pay at the current cost and administrative charges for replacement and may forfeit some Library privileges. Persistent offenders may forfeit some other Library privileges. 
    • (f) Physical presence of a borrower is required at all times, however, Principal officers, Directors, Provosts, Deans and Heads of Departments may occasionally borrow through proxies. A written letter (as well as the borrower’s reader’s ticket) is required. This letter must be addressed to the Reader’s Services Librarian and will be filed at the Circulation Desk. 
  • (iii) Number of Loans Per Reader 
    • (a) Undergraduate Students/sub degree students: No more than two (2) volumes of the same or separate work at any given time. 
    • (b) Postgraduate Student: No more than four (4) volumes of the same or separate works at any given time 
    • (c) Academic Staff: No more than four (4) volumes of the same or separate works at given time. 
    • (d) Senior Non Academic Staff: No more than two (2) volumes of the same or separate works at any given time. 
    • (e) Junior Staff: No more than two (2) volumes of the same or separate works at a given time. 
    • (f) Other with Borrowing Rights: No more than two (2) volumes of the same or separate works at any given time. 
  • (iv) Duration of Loans 
    • (a) Two weeks maximum for all categories of borrowers 
    • (b) Renewals are allowed, provided reservation has not been made by other borrowers. 
  • (v) Overdues 
    • (a) A fine of twenty (N20.00) naira per day is imposed on all over dues.
    • (b) The mandatory due date is the date stamped on the slip inside the book at the time of loan. An overdue list is complied a month after the date due and posted on all notice boards. 
    • (c) A loan becomes long overdue after 3 months and may result in total withdrawal of a borrower’s privileges.
  • (vi) Vacations Loans 
    • (a) All loans are to be returned at the end of every semester. 
    • (b) Vacation loans are allowed only with the permission of the University Librarian, acting through the Readers’ Services Librarian 
    • (c) Books borrowed during the vacation must be returned on the first day of the next semester. 
    • (d) Loans will not be permitted to a defaulting borrower during a new semester until he had returned all outstanding loans. 
  • (vii) Short Loans 
    • (a) Reserved books may be consulted only within the Library for a period of two hours at a time, after which they must be returned to the Desk for the use of other readers. This is known as a “short loan”. Short Loans may be renewed if not required by other readers. 
    • (b) Failure to return “Short Loans” or reserved books when due, incurs a fine of Ten Naira (N10.00) per hour or part of an hour overdue. (c) Weekend loans of Reserved Books or other non loan materials may be allowed in exceptional circumstances. Such materials must be returned first thing on Monday morning. Lateness attracts a fine of Fifty Naira (N50.00) per day and suspension of all Library rights after one week. 
    • (vii) Inter Library Loan The Library has access to the resources of other University. Libraries in Nigeria. Inter-Library co-operational ensures the loan of the physical; volume, or copies of the required pages, subject to international copyright laws. 


  • (a) Reservation may be made on books out on loan. However, such reservations are cancelled if not collected within three days after notification of availability. 
  • (b) Books in constant demand by readers or when specially requested by Faculty staff or students, are removed from the open shelves and displayed on Reserved shelves at the Circulation Desk for a specified period. 
  • (c) Reserved books may be consulted only within the Library for a period of two hours at a time, after which they must be returned to the desk for the use of other readers. 
  • (d) Failure to return ‘Short Loan’ or, reserved books when due incurs a fine of Ten Naira (N10.00) per hour or part of an hour overdue. 


  • (a) Books out on loan for one week from the date of issue may be recalled for various reasons by the Library. 
  • (b) A recalled book must be returned to the Library within three days of a recall notice being sent. 
  • (c) Fines at the rate of N20.00 (Twenty Naira) per day will be imposed from the fourth day of recall. Additionally, a defaulting borrower may lose his/her loan privileges or incur sterner disciplinary measures. 


  • (a) Library clearance is part of the requirements for any student leaving the University and this must be done at the University Main Library. 
  • (b) At the time of obtaining this clearance, the reader’s ticket must be handed in at the Circulation Desk. 
  • (c) A clearance fee of N200 per undergraduate and N300.00 per postgraduate. 
  • (d) Failure to produce the readers ticket will attract a fine of N1,000.00 excluding the clearance fee. In addition to a-c, students from other campuses of the University are expected to obtain preliminary clearance from their Branch Libraries. 


  • (1) Registration on prescribed forms is required of every Library User as a condition for admission to the use of the Library. 
  • (2) The Reader’s ticket is the passport to the Library, it must be produced on entering the Library, or on demand by any member of the Library Staff. 
  • (3) Reader’s ticket are not transferable, Readers are liable for all transactions made on their tickets. 
  • (4) Lost or misplacement of tickets must be reported immediately at the Circulation Desk. A replacement is provided at a cost of N500.00 (Five Hundred Naira only). or $ eqiuvalent
  • (5) Library User are liable to checking at the Security checkpoint both on entering and leaving the Library. 
  • (6) All readers must enter and leave the Library through the main door. 
  • (7) No readers may enter any part of the Library marked for staff only except by permission. 
  • (8) Silence must be observed in and around the Library premises. 
  • (9) Smoking, eating and drinking are forbidden in the Library. 
  • (10) The use of any form of naked light in the Library is prohibited. 
  • (11) Orderly conduct must be observed at all times in the Library. 
  • (12) The reservation of Library seats are not allowed. 
  • (13) Materials left behind at closing time will be removed by Library Staff and these could be claimed at the Circulation Desk or at the Security Check Point. 
  • (14) Stealing of Library materials is a serious offence which, if proven attracts severe punishment or total dismissal from the University. 
  • (15) The mutilation, marking, defacement, or wilful damage of Library materials in any form whatsoever is a serious offence punishable by withdrawal of all Library privileges and other stern disciplinary measures, as necessary. 
  • (16) The use and charging of mobile phones in the Library is strictly prohibited. 
  • (17) The University Librarian reserves the right to suspend from the use of the Library, any reader who infringes on any of these regulations and may refer cases of infringement to appropriate authorities for further disciplinary action. 
  • (18) Briefcases, Handbags, raincoats, umbrellas, etc must be dropped at the receptacle/place provided at the entrance to the Library. However all items are dropped at “OWNERS RISK”. You are therefore, advised to remove cash and other valuable items from your bags before dropping them. REPROGRAPHIC SERVICES The Library in order to maximize the time of users and the proper handling of Library materials, provide photocopying services for user in the Main Library and the Branches. It is rendered at a subsidized rate. The Library equally provides bindery services to user in its modern bindery situated in the Main Library.

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