The University Library is the major repository of all academic resources carefully selected, acquired and processed for your educational, recreational and research endeavour. You are as good as the quality and quantity of information you have; as one’s knowledge is derived from such information.

To ensure that the Olabisi Onabanjo University Library fulfills its primary function of supporting teaching, learning and research through the provision of reliable, relevant and timely information in the institution; we have not only evaluated, selected and processed such information resources, we have also ensured easy and quick access to ready-made information about any subject.

OOU Library Services

Generally, OOU Library offers you the following services:
• Access to Books, in different types: paper books, audio books, books in large print and electronic copy. You can also find newspapers, magazines and journals. You can read them on site or you can take them home. All resources are easily searchable in catalogue (through use of catalogue boxes or Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC)

• Information (reference) services: You can find local, business and scientific information. Library staff is also happy to help you with enquires in other subjects, for fun, health, culture and everyday problems. In OOU Library you can find different sources of information - dictionaries, reference books, yearbooks, maps, on-line data bases and resources on CDs or DVDs.

• Through the OOU Library Portal we offer resources that encourage Mobile library services. You can access the portal 24 hour of the day for information research and download.

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